Dear PV parents – traditional, hybrid, and IVA

We are looking for new parents, both moms and dads, to join the PTA Board for the 2021-22 academic year.  Many of our members have children finishing 8th grade next year, so we need new people to join and take the proverbial reins from our current board members.
PV is a great school due in large part to our parent community.  We need and appreciate that we all have something to add to our school community, and we want to share our voices and ideas.  You do not need any experience to join the PTA Board – just a willingness to work together to make our school community a great place for our teachers and our students.
And dads, please don’t be shy about joining.  We need to hear your voices as well.  Let us set an example for all our children by showing them that both moms and dads can get involved in their school communities.
If you are hesitant to jump right into a Board position, there are a number of Committee Chair positions available, which is a great way to get involved without having to commit to being an official board member.  If you are interested, please read below the break for information on the Board and Committee Chair positions.  Please remember that taking on a Committee Chair position does not mean you have to handle everything yourself.  Board members will help, and you can recruit other parents to help as well.
All the positions are listed below, Please note that some may already be filled, but let us know if you are interested and perhaps we can have co-chairs, or you can use it as an opportunity to shadow to learn for the following year.


HOSPITALITY:  This involves planning food and drinks for any programs we may have (welcome back coffee, dads & donuts, etc).
REFLECTIONS:  Grace Caroll has been leading the charge as our Reflections Chair for almost a decade now, and we need someone new to fill her shoes.  Grace will happily train and explain what the position entails.
BOX TOPS:  Do you like collecting Box Tops?  Then you might be perfect as our Box Tops Coordinator!   Box Tops are 90% digital now. So the coordinator really just has to spread the word and make sure people know how to digitally upload them. It will be very little actually collecting and counting.
BAKE SALE:  Remember the days when your child would ask for some extra money to buy some baked goods after school?  If you like to bake and can convince others to help you, this is the position for you!
ROOM PARENT SUPPORT:  Have you been a room parent for your children?  Do you have good ideas that other room parents would benefit from knowing?  Our Room Parent Support Chair will coordinate and communicate with our Room Parents and be a “go-to” person when room parents have questions.
PROGRAMS:  Help out with spirit night, or movie night, or game night…
SPIRIT WEAR:  Help coordinate the sale of our PV Spirit Wear.
VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR:  At the beginning of the academic year, reach out and ask parents to sign up if they would like to help with a particular event.  Have a list of parents interested in volunteering for different programs, including jog-a-thon, guys night out, etc.  Provide these contacts to the members running that program.


PRESIDENT:  Everything you would expect.  President is a two-year term, and Mayumi Brenner will be serving her 2nd year for the 2021-22 school year.  But, we will need a new President for the following academic year, namely 2022-23 so if you are interested then this is a great year to join to learn all about PTA business.
EXECUTIVE VP/WAYS AND MEANS:  Help lead the Membership Drive to encourage all families to join PTA.  This tends to be a lot of work the first 2-3 months of the academic year, and then tapers off since our Membership Drive happens at the beginning of the year.
RECORDING SECRETARY:  The Recording Secretary takes minutes at Board meetings, handles any PTA correspondence, and maintains PTA records to pass on at the end of the term
TREASURER:  The Treasurer helps with the annual budget, pays all PTA bills after they have been authorized by the Board, and prepares financial reports for board meetings
FINANCIAL SECRETARY:  The Financial Secretary helps the Treasurer, including with depositing checks and making bank runs
AUDITOR:  The Auditor audits the books and financial records of the PTA
HISTORIAN:  The Historian keeps a record of PTA activities, reports PTA volunteer hours, gives an overview of the year at the year-end PTA meeting, and submits an annual report to the district PTA that summarizes volunteer hours.
PARLIAMENTARIAN:  The Parliamentarian manages meetings and makes sure they stay on course, assists in reviewing and revising the Bylaws, helps put together the nominating committee’s first meeting to help with the following year’s elections.
If you are interested in any of these positions, please email  You can speak with the person who currently is in that position to see if it is something you would like to pursue.  You can also “shadow” a position for a year, and then take over the following year.